Second Annual Silent Art Auction: Call for Donations

Holden Girl Scouts is excited to be hosting our second annual silent art auction!

The auction will be held in December with specifics to follow.

We are accepting donations of art and crafted items through
Wednesday, November 22nd
(the day before Thanksgiving).


How do I donate?

Simply fill out the form most appropriate to the artist’s age group and set up a time and place to drop your art off with either Renee or Jenni. Don’t forget to give them the filled out form with your artwork!

Adult Donation Form (Artist is 18+): AdultDonation-HGS-2017
Juvenile Donation Form (Artist is under 18): JuvenileDonation-HGS-2017

What kinds of art are we looking for?

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Original Prints
  • Mixed Media
  • Works on Paper
  • Sculptures
  • Shadow Boxes
  • 3D and Kinetic Art
  • Textile Arts (quilts and other sewing projects)
  • Knitted and Crocheted projects
  • Wreathes
  • Jewelry
  • Ceramics
  • Metalwork
  • Glass
  • Make something we didn’t list? Just ask!

How much art can I donate?

We are only accepting two pieces per artist at this time, as we want to encourage you to donate your very best work! If you are interested in donating more than two pieces, please contact Renee or Jenni.

Why should I donate my art? Where does this money go?

Holden Girl Scouts needs money to fund town-wide programs, awards, scouterships, and much more! Your contribution will help us meet our mission of creating girls of conscience and character, as well as providing fun and safe spaces for girls to learn to be their best selves.


We are also looking for frames in various sizes to house our 2D artworks! No donation form is needed for frame donations, simply contact Renee or Jenni to set up a drop off!

(Selected images from last year’s art auction. Left to right, work by Megann Filios, Bonnie Brewer, and Margaret Love).