2023 Town-Wide Yard Sale

  • There will still be limited space at the center of town this year, but Red Barn on Shrewsbury Street will also be hosting yard sales this year!
  • If you want your address listed on the printed/printable map, you must submit your registration form and payment by 6pm on Monday, May 8th.
  • We will be accepting registration forms until 6pm on Thursday, May 11th, but anything submitted after Monday, May 8th will be listed online only.
  • If you do not submit your form and payment by a deadline, you are responsible for any additional fee and/or lack of inclusion on a relevant map and/or list.
  • Town Hall/Red Barn Registration Forms and checks must be received by 6pm on Tuesday, May 9th.
  • Forms are interactive again this year! You can download the form and then type directly on them. From there, you can either print them out or email them back to us. If you choose to email us, please make sure to include your name in the file name (example: Jane_Smith_Yard_Sale_2023.pdf) so we don’t lose your form after we download it!
  • Contact yardsale@holdengirlscouts.org for the Town Center/Red Barn Form, more information, and/or to coordinate form drop-off.
  • Scroll down for the Fee Schedule and Map!

2023 Facebook Event

2023 Registration Form (pdf)

2023 Printable Map – Available May 6th

2023 Address List – Available May 4th – Updated May 7th

Frequently Asked Questions

Fee Schedule

Town-Wide Map/
Address List

Town Hall/
Red Barn




until April 28th
at 6pm
until April 28th
at 6pm

Late Fee:



until May 11th
at 6pm*
until May 9th
at 6pm

*Registrations received after 6pm on Monday, May 8th will NOT be listed on the printed/printable map. They will only be listed online.